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Brief History

Elfinsmiths, Ltd. has been manufacturing and providing quality products to the Recognition and Identification Industry since 1976. We provide quality cast, engraved, and fabricated awards and identification products. 


Bill and Rhonda Bailey began a small business called Legacy products. The idea was to produce items that would someday actually be "keepsakes". They wondered what things would be considered  antiques in the future (or even last that long).  They then teamed up with Chuck Price (good friend and degreed artist) and his wife Lari, producing items sold mostly at art and craft shows. Eventually Bill and Chuck went to work at the foundry which was founded by Howard Bailey, Tom Bailey, Vick Saunders, and Frank Harte. By then it had been sold to Johnson Rubber Company and was called Duramax Metals. Much experience was gained during this time. Bill and Chuck Installing a cast plaque

                                                                            Executive Mansion, Richmond, VA.

Eventually, Chuck and Lari left the business to go into the ministry. Chuck was responsible for the name "Elfinsmiths"

Some time after that, Bill and Rhonda made an agreement with Glenn Satterthwaite, the manager of Western Branch Metals, Inc. to go "full-time" in the business, renting the original space. After a time of having to move from space to space, they finally incorporated  in 1983.

Their partners at that time , Robby Lee  and

Carlo Didioadded  some 80 years experience to the company- Robby being one of the most experienced engravers in the area and former President of the International Sign Association, and Carlo having some 50 years experience in pattern making and wood working. Shortly tereafter, the company moved to 610 Virginia Ave.

    In 1980, American Awards & Graphics, Chesapeake, VA was acquired by the Baileys and is a primary retail outlet for similar products. Rhonda Bailey manages and is President of that Corporation.

 On January 29, 1997 Elfinsmiths, Ltd.  suffered a devastating fire in which literally everything was destroyed. But with help from good friends and blessings from above, the business once again resumed operations.

New Manufacturing Facility 610 Virginia Ave. 

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