Hall Of Fame
US Military   Cast Architectural Plaques   Cradock Class of 1966

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Hall Of Fame

Here we'll display work we've done for some of the more "celebrated" clients. From Presidents to Sports Superstars, we've been fortunate enough to have served many. We humbly offer the following:

Center For Christian Statesmanship Award

Recipients Include John Ashcroft, Sam Brownback, Judge Roy Moore, J.C. Watts and many other national figures For more information on this award, you may visit  Ethicom

*Full Sized Busts at Yorktown Victory Center

De Grasse, Von Steuben, and Rochambeau Sculpted By Professor Kendetagi Orsholya *(Actual casting was done before Elfinsmiths was formed, but was by future Elves Chuck Price and Bill Bailey along with the crew at Duramax Metals)

Solid fine pewter 24k gold plated belt buckle

for Chris Byrd, current IBF Heavyweight World Champion

Shadow Box Bronze half hull combination presented to President George H.W. Bush. Similar half models presented to Sen. John McCain, Governor Christie Todd Whitman  (NJ), Congressman Randy Forbes (VA) and many many others

Women's boxing belts won by Lela Ali, Jackie Frazier as well as many other Women boxers.

Presidential Yacht USS Sequoia

Donald Trump logo Made for Trump Princess (Yacht) Financial trouble caused the cancellation of this order and we got stuck!  It's for sale (Truly unique as even the pattern was destroyed in our fire

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Note: We display these items as "items of Interest" only and are for the benefit of our visiting customers. We will add to these pictures as we can.




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